James M. Bright,

 Attorney at Law

Mr. Bright was born in Waco, Texas. He received a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Missouri, Kansas City where he graduated with distinction. He acquired his law degree from South Texas College of Law.  Less than a year after graduating from law school, he began a private practice and remains in that practice today.

 Mr. Bright is admitted to practice before the Federal Courts for the Southern District of Texas and Eastern District of Texas as well as all of the Justice Courts, Probate Courts, County Courts at Law, District Courts, Courts of Appeal and Supreme Court for the State of Texas.  In addition he is a  member of the Texas State Bar College, an honor society for those attorneys who have exhibited a willingness to engage in continuing education far beyond that required to maintain a license to practice in this state.

Randall Perrier - of Counsel

Randall Perrier, Attorny at Law, is a Board Certified specialist   in estate planning and probate law.  (no picture available)