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The time when a family has suffered the loss of a loved one is not the time to suffer a financial loss also. This firm will perform all of the legal duties involved in having your loved one's will admitted to Texas probate and will do so on a flat fee basis so that you do not experience further surprise or unintended expense.

Published legal articles regarding Texas Wills or Texas Probate which are often  sought by persons attempting to become more familiar with those subjects are available though James Bright, Houston probate attorney, free to visitors of this web site by clicking on Published Legal Articles.


Houston Probate Attorney, James Bright, is pleased to provide a source of information regarding flat fee Last Will and Testament as well as Texas Probate issues.  Please feel free to use this site as a free source of estate plan information.  It must be understood that this site is not a substitute for the advice and counsel from an attorney of your choice.  A non-exclusive list of  PUBLISHED LEGAL  ARTICLES  related to Last Will and Testament and Texas Probate include – Duties of an Executor,   Deposit Accounts as Part of and Estate Plan,  Faces of  Texas Probate,  Guardian, Guardianship. Intestate Succession explained by a Texas lawyer,. Internet wills or lawyer Prepared , Power of Attorney,  Safe Deposit Boxes with the help of your lawyer, Living Trust Scams, Types of Wills, Fiduciaries, Spousal Debt, Independent Administration, Pet Trust, Small Estates, Trusts (living trust or springing trust) as part of your Estate plan, Spendthrift Beneficiaries, Remove Executor, Homestead Rights, Executor Fees, Duties of Custodian of a Will. Required Elements of  a Last Will and Testament, Living trust vs. Testamentary Gifts, Texas Probate, Power of Attorney for Health Care, Power of Attorney for Property Rights, Value of Houston Probate Attorney, Kill all tthe Lawyers".